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I was on top of the bed, doing what all good girls should do if you know your husband is on the way, I lost my finger down to stroke my smooth pussy, and get it all nice and wet ready for his big cock Oh jizzbo my God, I always expected it so hot. He'd s his companions were to watch the game on your plasma TV, knowing or having a drink, he got a taxi, as I dreamed it would come, no pun was a knock at jizzbo the door , it was 1130, so I could do with it, left his keys at home, again! This happens at least once a week, without thinking that jumped out of bed, ran down the stairs, the door opened. I think you should tell a little about us, which was also two 34-foot, blonde hair and Drop Dead Gorgeous, which still plays soccer on the weekends and really keep me fit, he thinks I'm so sexy but they are all men equal, if my boobs are out, and I did not have much of it is great, but jizzbo I have 29 five-foot -five, three6D 24 36, a traditional figure, long brown hair and big blue eyes, my best feature, with long eyelashes, never need any mascara, Oh, and I love sex, whatever, I do not really meaningful to the extent that often. Now, as I said, I opened the door, but he was not, which is one of my best friends were married to men, looked at me with my mouth wide open, wearing my man, open bra and excitement of the thong in pink, came the shock of his life, but not as great as the shock that I have, my mouth fell open, not knowing what the hell to say or do, if God said to shut the door people can see from the road, went out and closed the door. I've tried to say, I hope my husband came home and thought he had forgotten his keys, but I was looking for the huge bulge in his pants and not my eyes, my jizzbo friend had told me it was high but was like a serpent that rises above his pants, he reached out and touched me alone in my shoulderr, had a lot of bare skin touched, but it would have been very reluctant, but not for long, closed his hand around her other breast in my finger and thumb stroking my nipples. It took me almost in our living room and lay on the sofa, legs fell like an extension on the ground, so my freshly shaved pussy in the whole program, which ran his fingers over the top for know it was very wet, let it fall further in the collection of my juices, then he has fingers,Oh, that was so sexy licking, knelt on the ground and the head sank between my thighs, his tongue found the first time that the clitoris had to lick me for a few seconds and pulled me on top, culminating in my body, he continued to suck and lick my jizzbo Clitty until I was several times reached jizzbo its peak. up and unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the ground, his boxers Tented monster came and moved to her, I wanted this to your wife so vividly described how he had to seekgreat God, who was so great, I had heard stories and seen movies of big cocks, but none of that, and was right in my face, I opened my mouth I wanted to try, but I struggled even to one's head, but he was determined to do so, I tried as much as I could in my mouth and did the best I can do with some of the excitement he had given me, I could. I could not go on much time trying to hurt the jaw, wide mouth, which is worse than jizzbo the dentist was open! He pulled it out and said the first words you spoke with said that besides him, I jizzbo had maimed the door closed, and my answer, he said you want to do this, I nodded my head, lay on the carpet was left with tail like a flag pole with blood, he invited me to ride, he said, prove that I could see how much of this which I found on his body trampled cut me with so much tension and even a little scary, the most important pushed it against my pussy, I tried to open enough to accept it, butIt jizzbo was a struggle, he helped me on my ass cheeks wide, and stretched all as I entered my head. I was there to try to be customized, then a little more bite, it hurt, but in a strange way I wanted, I wanted to feel that something big inside me put on my lips until I felt I opened the cervix, God was not even that deep inside me is not even such a huge black dildo my way to my husband, and eleven inches long, after several attempts I have everything in my left againsh her ​​firm ass thigh, he smiled and told me it's not really true, I smiled without saying a word, not daring to open his mouth because I cry when I. I began to walk, as he caressed my breasts through the bra cups tend 36D size, a lot of bounce when riding my husband so this support jizzbo was much nicer and I was glad I had this evening, I look and feel sexy as I could, up more each time, so I had underall in every shot, it was like dying and going to heaven, 'Heaven Swinging' It fills me like nothing had even filled me, yes, it still hurts, but it was a wonderful wounded, hurting an exciting, if you like your nipples are played too hard with this feeling, if you want to finish it, but you have to be very disappointed, I had my knee, so the unit could get my hands on his jizzbo shoulders, my body swaying back and forth in his wonderful cock, suddenly jizzbo opened the door and my husband went when he had his keys, forgotten after all. There was nothing I could do, so it stands alone riding huge cock, knowing he does not care, we have about the party, but does not play with a friend before, even though he had spoken was it, and sat looking at me to ride my best friends husband, who has seen a single word, as I sat and sat there for a while, then got up and opened the cupboard jizzbo under my digital camera, knelt before me and isPhotos roast me, especially when his cock entered my body, got up and let his pants and offered his cock in my mouth, not just the biggest cock she had known, but also spit. I tried not to reach orgasm, because it was not able to mount it when I realized, I'm all floppy after a great orgasm, but with another cock in my mouth that there was no way hinder me no more, it seemed that my feet come through my legs and then explode in my pussy, the head is blowing out of my head, or jizzbo jizzbo at least that's what it felt as if it fell, it was my butt sitting on your lap, completely broken I lifted my husband announced it I was ready and that the men had all the work done from now, I have a just cause orgasmic, but I was ready, I knelt to say my lover fuck me by back, you did not have to tell him twice, grabbed my hips and pulled me back into the sinking huge cock at home in one blow, as diknow what I wanted. with him my pussy like a steam train and my husband's cock in my mouth is pumping again, I was constantly highest point, the only thing that keeps me is the hand grabbed my hips when I was in my care of your penis with electricity and my head was my husband so he could keep his cock in my mouth, I could not scream, my mouth, even when I was too full, as long as it took me I have no idea what seemed an eternity before I got a little heat are followed by a pussy in full if we go broke me in a heap on the jizzbo floor, I was fucked up so I just wanted to go to sleep. I remember my jizzbo husband takes me on the bed and then I felt it was Saturday morning, when I touch my pussy with his fingers, I'd go back in a few seconds, and we made love like teenagers for hours finally asked him what happened last night I said, my friend had asked her husband jizzbo to borrow a book of recipes I wanted to do a special meal, think I, the four courses of wine and made a pig of myself for her, my husband was not, in fact, loved it excited, and want to do it again, I'm pretending jizzbo it was a unique and does not happen again, who am I kidding the hell I want this monster over and over again. Do I have to tell you when it happens, or should make sure that happens and then you say ?
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